Saturday, October 3, 2009

McConnell Claims TARP Was a Success...Wrong!

I don’t know how this story slipped past me, but it did.

Yesterday, senate minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told reporters that the $700 billion TARP bailout of the Wall Street “succeeded in stabilizing the banking system.”

Really it did, Mr. McConnell?

Well, if by stabilization you mean a short-term “fix” which will do nothing more than prolong the inevitable while propping up toxic assets, you are sort of right…again sort of.

But look on the bright side: at least we all now own some great toxic assets that we get to share with our offspring. I know we are still suffering economic hardship, credit is still lacking, and banks are still failing (three things TARP was supposed to fix), but at least we have each other and a common debt to share. If your idea of success is a country brought together under the shackles of debt and financial ruin, TARP couldn’t be more successful.

But in reality, Sen. McConnell, TARP was a massive failure. It did nothing but reward those who failed, passed the buck onto a later date to be dealt with, and robbed us of our liberty as we are now forced to pay out of the fruits of our labor and against our constitutional contract to keep a system going that is rotten at its very core and is based on the principles of statism and corporatism rather than of free markets and individualism.

You sir, and all those like you who voted for TARP, the other bailouts, and unconstitutional government expansion in general, are all tyrannical. You are traitors to our republic and have no respect for the rule of law as you have betrayed the very Constitution you swore to protect.

May God have mercy on your soul, you foul coward. You are nothing but a slimy hypocrite who gladly criticizes the actions of the Obama administration while supporting those same measures when backed by your own party. If you have a spine, I would love to see it for I doubt its existence. If you have a heart, I know where to find it—for it lies solely with your own hopes of power and riches. If you had a brain, however, you would not have voted for any bailouts, you would never have transgressed the Constitution and trampled upon the rule of law, and you surely would never have proclaimed TARP a success as you did yesterday.

I apologize for the polemic tone of this post. It was not the intent, but that is what flowed from me.

I will end by asking Sen. McConnell one more question on a lighter note: Why do you look so much like the Mason Verger from Hannibal?

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  1. With RINOs like this, who needs Democrats? Great post......