Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sen. McCain, Now That You've Read Palin's Book...

This morning Politico reported that Sen. John McCain said he "enjoyed" former running mate and GOP vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin's new book Going Rouge. This came as a surprise to some who expected McCain's reaction to be more along the lines of the rest of his political camp.

McCain noted:

"I enjoyed the book and she and I are dear friends. I talked to her on the phone yesterday. We got along fine,"...

"In campaigns there's always tension. Outside of combat, it's the most tense situation. There's always differences that arise, but it's no big deal."

What surprised me about McCain's comments was not that he enjoyed the book. Rather, I was surprised that he was in fact literate. But now we know his reading of the Constitution and the plethora of misguided and unconstitutional legislation he throws his support behind is possible.

So Senator McCain, please allow me to add a suggestion to your reading list--the Constitution. Read, understand, and defend this document; it's your job.

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