Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Article Hightlights Establishment's Disdain for Tea Party

Here is an interesting piece from the Washington Post.

With the Tea Parties starting have an effect on elections across the country, the establishment is not pleased. Why? Because they know that the Tea Party is seeking to hold them accountable. It is my experience that when establishment politicians are upset, something good is happening. Incumbents hate being held accountable, and they will seek any route to discredit their opponents.

With Michele Bachman in the House and Rand Paul soon to be in the Senate both seeking to form a Tea Party caucus, the establishment is squirming, and I am loving every moment of it.

Please read the article here and enjoy such gems as the one below from the oblivious Trent Lott.

Former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), now a D.C. lobbyist, warned that a robust bloc of rabble-rousers spells further Senate dysfunction. "We don't need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples," Lott said in an interview. "As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them."

But Lott said he's not expecting a tea-party sweep. "I still have faith in the visceral judgment of the American people," he said. 
(Enough to make you sick, right?)