Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Return of the Anti-Interventionist Right

Pat Buchanan has an encouraging piece over at The American Conservative regarding a number of those on the right's recent return a conservative, anti-war position. This is truly encouraging news to those of us who have for years championed the constitution and called for a end to our nation's unnecessary and unconstitutional military actions abroad.

Buchanan writes:
"What explains the shift in political and public sentiment away from military interventionism?

First, the length and cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — the first in its 10th year, the latter in its eighth — with their endless bleedings of American blood and treasure for inconclusive results.

Over 6,000 dead, 40,000 wounded and $1 trillion sunk, with a real possibility a U.S. pullout from Iraq in December could result in civil war, and a fear that the Afghan War, where the Taliban now conduct jailbreaks of 500 men in Kandahar and fight on the Af-Pak border in battalion strength, may ultimately be lost.

A second cause is our fiscal crisis. America cannot afford any more wars, or more billions in foreign aid to balance budgets of Arab countries whose treasuries have been looted by departing despots.

Third, there is the sense in Congress that it has let itself be steadily stripped of its constitutional power to declare war."
 Head over to The American Conservative's website and read the whole piece here.

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