Friday, September 18, 2009

May We Fight for Our Republic

Yesterday was Constitution Day—the 222nd anniversary of the adoption of one of the most important documents in the history of the world—the US Constitution.

My love for the ideas of our Founding and the document that encompasses those ideas is no secret. Moreover, I have for years lamented what I see as a long legacy of constitutional infidelity. I have no faith in any major party, no faith in most political candidates or officeholders, and no faith in most of what I see going on in the political landscape.

Thankfully I have seen a ray of hope over the past year and a half. This glimmer of hope is the movement to restore our republic to the principles of life, liberty, and property by the “liberty movement.”

I have seen friends of mine go from apathy to activism and disillusionment to hopeful pursuance of constitutionalism because of this movement. To these people I say, “Welcome, it is encouraging to see that I am not alone in my fight. And most of all remember why we fight.”

For the first time in my lifetime people are discussing individual liberty, monetary policy, and economic freedom in a way that is in step with our Founders. Jefferson is not merely mentioned; he is actually followed. Our constitution is finding allies in deed as well as words. And it is truly amazing to see people reading Bastiat, Hayek, Mill, and others—not for school credit but for person equipment.

So that leads me to question, “Can we make a difference?”

To borrow a phrase, “Yes We Can!”

We can, but will we?

We could fight, but, fail. This is true possibility. As a great patriot once noted, “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” A great force stands in the way of freedom…in the way of constitutional republicanism. If we are merely sunshine patriots, we will fail, and our failure will embolden our enemies. We must realize that the force we battle is great, and it will not easily be overcome.

We could, however, succeed. But I must stress that this is not enough. Success does not guarantee freedom. Sure we could restore our republic. But if we again, as we have already done from the time of our Founding and fail to keep it, we will once again suffer from tyranny. Trading one group of tyrants for one of our own making is no victory and no step ahead.

Thankfully, there is also the possibility that we could restore our republic and keep it. This is the most difficult goal to achieve, and it will come with the most sacrifice. It is, however I believe, worth the sacrifice. As for me in my fight for this cause I say, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” and “Here I stand, I can do no more.”

My hope is that each who values freedom will strive for a return to constitutional fidelity and will never settle into complacency, the whole while embracing the chains of tyranny. I pray we continually fight and are forever lovers of and warriors for liberty.

Next year on Constitution Day, let’s have something to celebrate!

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