Saturday, March 20, 2010

Term Limits or Electoral Accountability?

Please check out my latest column at The Humble Libertarian on term limits.

It begins:
Whether at Tea Party events or in general political discourse, I often hear a great desire for term limits voiced by people frustrated with our out-of-control government. They hope that the implementation of congressional term limits would go a long way toward solving our political ills. I, however, am not convinced. In fact, I believe that we already have a system of term limits in place; we just don't use it. It's called elections.

Every politician has his day in court each election cycle. Sadly, we often neglect carrying out the sentence most politicians deserve- a trip back home. Instead, time after time, we reward those who trample our liberties and ally themselves with powerful special interests by sending them back into office to continue their misdeeds.

Indeed, the electorate is very much a part of the problem. Failing to punish unconstitutional action, we have encouraged a system of legal looting and constitutional neglect. Term limits might allow individual politicians less time to carry out their abuse, but they will not solve the problem. (Continue here.)

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