Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vote Ron Ramsey for Governor of TN!!!!

For the past few months I have worked tirelessly for the campaign of Ron Ramsey for governor of Tennessee, believing Ron Ramsey to be the only right man for the job.

As a constitutionalist and lover of liberty, I am proud to support a man who is truly committed to the principles that our Founders sought to establish. Ron is the real deal. He is the only one ready to do the job on day one after taking office, and he is the only one with the philosophical commitment to govern in accordance with constitutional principles. His voting record proves it. Therefore, I am convinced that he must be our next governor.

The other candidates in the race are not conservatives, libertarians, or small government types at all. They hold flawed positions and have liberty-hostile records on the issues that matter.

Ron Ramsey is the only candidate worthy of my and your vote. So please vote for my boss, Ron Ramsey, in today's Republican primary. Vote Ramsey. Vote the Constitution.