Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Global Force for Good?

Have you seen the new slogan for the US Navy: A Global Force for Good? (in the video above)

I am not attempting to call the Navy a force for evil, but I do take issue with the slogan. It is not the job of the US Navy to be a global force for anything; it is to be a force for US national defense--nothing more and nothing less.

Sadly, this slogan is symptomatic of the way foreign policy is viewed in our modern age. National defense is no longer the goal of our military actions. Rather, nation building, world policing, and global power grabs fuel a foreign policy that jeopardizes our safety and causes the loss of innocent life. Unfortunately, what was once viewed as a noble goal--the defense of one's citizenry--is now viewed by many as selfish and misguided.

Alexis de Tocqueville noted that America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceased to be good it would cease to be great. He recognized that greatness depended on goodness, not the other way around. Regretfully, today it is often claimed that it's the opposite as if being great somehow makes us good and gives us a mandate to spread our influence through military might. Many do not realize that the best way for us to effect good in the world is to be good ourselves. Good cannot be achieved through might, nor should it be.

But more than might, I am sure the Navy's intent in the slogan stems partially from their humanitarian actions across the globe. But should the military be doing humanitarian action across the globe? I am a huge proponent of humanitarian aid; I've done my fair share. But I do not support the military doing so. It is not in their job description; their role is one of national defense.

Moreover, we must look to the global nature of the slogan. Even if the Navy is to be a force of good, it should not be a global force. What we see in this slogan is the continuation of a globalist agenda which neglects American interests and sovereignty. The fact that your tax dollars are paying to propagate such makes it all the worse.

Perhaps the Navy will one day change properly to being A National Force for Defense. For now, that is not the case.

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