Friday, April 9, 2010

What to Look for at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference

This weekend Republicans from across the country will flock to New Orleans for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. The likes of Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Ron Paul, and a host of other top Republicans will be giving speeches in order to garner support for themselves and their causes. Moreover, for those GOPers looking at a presidential run in 2012, a SRLC straw poll victory would be a great thing to take away from their time in The Big Easy.

Here are five things to look for during and right after this weekend's festivities in Louisiana.

1. Look for each speaker to try to out-conservative the other. Obviously, this will be quiet hilarious for a number of reasons. Sadly, Dr. Ron Paul will be the only consistently true conservative in attendance; the others will merely be putting on a show. Evidence of such will come in speakers mistakenly flexing their war muscles, believing such is traditional conservatism; it isn't!

2. Look for very little mention of George W. Bush. This will be the complete opposite of the 2006 SRLC when John McCain urged his supporters to write in the former presidents name to show their support and Lindsey Graham called Bush "the Churchill of our time." Don't worry, The GOP establishment still loves W. They just know that real conservatives do not.

3. Look for more calls for war. Iran needs some bombing and many at the SRLC will be happy to give it to them. Look for talk of Obama being soft on defense, soft on the War on Terror, and soft on Iran. Of course, the president is almost identical to Bush, so don't believe it for a minute.

4. Look for a condemnation of Obama policies across the board. I am in agreement with most of this. Obama has failed pretty much in every area. He is an enemy to constitutional government, does everything bad that Bush did, and has lied time after time by not keeping his promises to the American people. The problem is that the same things can and should be said of most of his GOP opponents. Hypocrisy will be the true theme of the SRLC. The GOP will call Obama out on policies of which they themselves are guilty.

5. Finally, if Ron Paul wins the straw poll, look for it to be downplayed. If he losses, look for a big deal to be made of the winner.The establishment does not look favorably on Dr. Paul's success; CPAC showed that. Therefore, I am looking forward to Paul supporters ticking them off.

Though their will be a lot of hypocrisy and neoconary going on in New Orleans this weekend, the liberty movement will be there as well. So keep an eye out, point out wrongs, and celebrate victories!


  1. I wonder how well Dr. Paul will fare in the straw poll this time. It looks like you have to be present to vote, and the tickets are over $100. Do you think they could be trying to make it harder for the young, libertarian conservative types this time?

  2. Let's just say we in the liberty movement got it handled. C4L and YAL have made it easy for their members to attend.