Monday, December 21, 2009

Paved with Good Intentions

As we creep closer to socialized medicine, I am continually reminded that many enemies of liberty do not understand why, though they shackle us with unconstitutional legislation, they are not greeted as liberators.

It is because our current struggle in which we see our liberties further eroded is, for the most part, nothing more than a symptom of a broader problem--the problem of good intentions.

Now, good intentions are not bad. In fact, I work in accordance with good intention as I am sure most do. The problem arises when we let our desire for good blind us to the results of our actions.

The good intent of wanting to help granny get down the steps quicker cannot justify me giving her a little push. Yes, intentions count, but so do results.

Not all actions by our elected officials have noble origins. Corruption, immorality, and the like rule quite often at all levels of government. But on occasion, good intentions back legislative decisions. However, what we must realize is that government is not a game of effort, but rather, it involves human lives--human lives whose life and liberty are often in peril when met with government interference.

So let us always stand against action of bad intention, but also, let us guard against what is proposed for our "own good."

We must remember that however noble the intentions, the results are what matters. Perhaps many in Congress desire passage of Obamacare because they truly want to help. But when its passage results in loss of life and liberty, there noble intentions will be nothing more than a kind start to a bitter end.

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