Monday, December 14, 2009

The Vision of the Founders: Dead and Gone | Tenth Amendment Center

The Vision of the Founders: Dead and Gone | Tenth Amendment Center --good article which makes a great point: the Founders desired for states to self-govern. While the federal power was to be quite limited, the state was not limited by that same power.

While the intent of our Founders was for the states to act as "laboratories of democracy" with each differing in its laws, we now are forced into uniformity. Once one could move to a freer state and leave behind the laws and governance he/she despised. Now we cannot escape these liberty infringements as it is the federal government who demands that states act according to federal standers set by those in DC. What's more, this uniformity is usually in the path that offers least freedom.

An affront to localism is more often than not an affront to liberty.

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