Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is BET Obama Approval Only Skin Deep?

What alarms me about this video is not really the overwhelming support of Obama by those who attended the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards. Rather, the total lack of substance to the support is quite telling. Why has he done so well? Can you point to a single policy issue that distinguishes him as a good leader?

Moreover, many of those interviewed allude to the failure of Bush. I don't blame them. I am no fan of Bush. In fact, my dislike for Obama stems from the fact that his actions are a continuation of Bush era policies. The Obama administration merely took the faults of the Bush administration and put them into overdrive.

For these celebrities to claim the success of Obama while holding to the failure of Bush, they are being grossly unfair and inconsistent. This could be a result of racial prejudice, but I hope that is not true as such a claim would assume that Obama is given a free pass for the same policies for which Bush is held rightly accountable merely because of each man's skin color.

This is not only true of BET celebs, however, as even many white Americans hold this same inconsistent view. That does not mean that whites could not be giving Obama a free pass based on racial considerations as well, but let's assume neither party is responsible for such a dastardly position.

What's clear is this: Both men have been failures, and we need to be consistent in our criticism of both. If we do not, we let racial prejudices guide us rather that reason. Let's call a spade a spade, and let's make sure that our opinions are based on substance rather than criteria that goes no more than skin deep.

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  1. a few guys from my team asked me if i voted for obama. i then told them no. to that they exclaimed, "isa cuz he black!!!". i then tell them the reason(s) why i did not and asked them why they would have voted for him and to this question they responded with, "cuz he BLACK!". so, yeah, i know what u mean, hahaha.

    yesterday, there was a show on msnbc titled "Obama's America: 2010 and beyond" where this very issue was addressed and people booed the woman (an arabic woman) and the other older panelist acted as if he did not understand what she was saying.