Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama Has Crossed the Line!

President Obama you have crossed the line.

When you trampled upon our civil liberties and continued the Bush Administration's Fifth Amendment violations, I was upset--but maybe you were just misguided by a false sense of fear.

When you pushed the massive, unconstitutional spending of the federal government into overdrive, I was outraged--but I knew you were blinded by Keynesian economists who are foreign to the truth.

When you escalated the wars in the Middle East, I was worried--but you and I both know we should get back to policy of true national defense rather than massive interventionism.

When you I saw one irresponsible and unconstitutional act after another from you and your administration, I was perturbed--but I hoped you would pull your wits about you eventually.

But now I am afraid you have crossed the line.

How can you openly support the New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl? That is ridiculous.

I am a huge Colts fan, and I will not stand for this. In two weeks the Colts will triumph and crumble your Saints like we in the liberty movement will crumble your statist policies.

(One more thing: God forbid, even if the Colts somehow lose, we in the liberty movement will still defeat the statist policies of you and others. That's a guarantee.)

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