Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brown Should Offer No Surprise

I was an opponent of Scott Brown even before he was named victor in the recent Massachusetts special election. I didn't drink the Kool-aide so to speak and warned friends and family early on that Brown was far from a conservative--even though he was a bit of Tea Party poster boy. He may have offered another Republican vote, but he offered nothing positive for the conservative movement.

Now, by joining 5 other Republicans in voting for the disastrous and unconstitutional "jobs bill," Sen. Brown is being met with rebuke from many of the very ones that helped get him elected.(I would like to note that the jobs bill has little to do with jobs and goes about the entire matter in the completely wrong way, in case some would think that I am opposed to job creation.)

A Washing Post headline reflecting on the vote reads,"GOP's Brown Branded Turncoat for Jobs Bill." Moreover, Politico offers the following, "Scott Brown Vote Draws Anger, Shrugs."  He is no turncoat; he did what he always does--supported statist policies. Moreover, the only ones to be angry at are the ones who betray principle and supported Brown.

I hate to say I told you so...I really do in this manner. There shouldn't be a reason to, and I shouldn't have to. Brown's voting record should have prepared those who are now left with egg on their face for this type of disappointing behavior. I called Brown a liberal neocon from day one because that what he is--that is what his record showed. So I'm not at all surprised by his vote. The only surprising thing is how surprised so many seem to be.

As I said in a previous entry, Brown could run to the left of Olympia Snowe. So why be surprised when he supports leftist positions? I don't mind that he does; he's being true to hiimself. What I do mind is the following: Brown parades around like some type of conservative. Just look at his presence at last weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference for proof. Moreover, I despise the support he received from the Tea Party movement and other so-called conservatives. It was unjustified and reckless.

If you are going to go on being a Massachusetts liberal, fine. Just call yourself one, Mr. Brown. If you are going to support liberals without concern for ideological ties, do not say you support conservatism, Tea Party movement and other so-called conservatives. It is that simple.

Perhaps this will be a learning experience for all those deceived by false hype and empty "conservatism." We may not get many more chances to affect real change, if we continue to give elections to statists who hide behind labels for support.


  1. I'm with you in that I am not surprised that Brown was really a liberal but I'm afraid I can't say that I hope that those deceived will learn their lesson, at least not in big numbers. There were deafening cheers for liberal henchmen Brown and Romney and boos for Ron Paul's straw poll victory.

    Rush Limbaugh was disgusted that Ron Paul won that poll and was somewhat indifferent to Brown's vote for the "jobs" bill. That says something about Rush's sense of principle.

  2. I agree completely, so I am not holding my breath.

    I have never listened to Rush in more than sound bites or in the news, so I have no sense of allegiance to him. I've never been a fan or foe of the talk radio giant, though I am disgusted by his cocky demeanor. What is so messed up is this: I have heard Ron Paul questioned about Rush. He was nothing but gracious, not attacking him at all. However, Rush, Levine, and all the others go out of there way to not only attack Paul's ideas but his very sanity and person. It is truly shameful.

  3. I'm a recovering dittohead, I mean, a HUGE dittohead. I still listen to him once or twice a week just to hear what he's talking about but it's frustrating and his content usually turns into blog material! I still think Rush is useful in pointing out liberal hypocrisy but he's a straight-up party man. All the guys in talk radio are like that (except Jack Hunter, of course!) which is what makes Ron Paul unacceptable to them.

    When I was in college I started reading Pat Buchanan and learning about Ron Paul. For me, it was like growing up from milk to solid food.