Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harold Ford Jr. Should Look to the GOP

Even if you are not from Tennessee or New York, chances are that you have heard of Harold Ford Jr.'s possible Democratic primary challenge in New York. And if you watch the Colbert Report you have probably seen the recent interview in which Colbert gave the former candidate for Tennessee senator quite a hard time. This hard time stems from both Ford's relatively little time spent actually living in New York and his recent change of heart on a number of positions.

When running for senator in the Great State of Tennessee, Ford positioned himself as a true Southern Democrat, boasting of his pro-life and pro-traditional marriage positions. Now as a potential challenger in New York, Ford claims he has always been pro-choice and has recently had a change of heart on gay marriage that has positioned him left of President Obama himself.

I don't blame Ford. He comes from a family of political opportunists and is making the best of a situation put in front of him. Never being a principled man, I don't expect anything different from him now.

What suprises me is his desire to run as a Democrat. Even if he is now pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, he could still run to the right of Scott Brown--the GOP's latest poster boy. Since the Republican Party is so willing to compromise principle for the sake of a win, surely they would back Ford in New York.

Mr. Ford, you are barking up the wrong tree. The GOP loves running liberals for office. Just look at the '08 presidential ticket. Let them know you are fine with bombing brown people and the GOP will have its supporters sending you money and supporters in no time.

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