Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I'm Libertarian and a Constitutionalist

Please head over to the Humble Libertarian and read my latest guest post on why I am both a libertarian and a constitutionalist.

It begins:

I am a libertarian, and I am a constitutionalist. But should I be? Not that I shouldn’t be a libertarian. I am sure most of the readers here at THL would maintain that we should all be libertarians. But should I- being a libertarian- also be a constitutionalist? I contend that I should for good reason.

First, let me note that I in no way want to give the impression that a libertarian must be a constitutionalist. Many true libertarians shun the Constitution (and sometimes the very existence of government altogether), and I can sympathize with their reasoning. However, I would like to explain why I personally feel comfortable as a libertarian and a lover of the Constitution.

Read the rest here.

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