Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ron Ramsey Attacks Loose Monetary Policy

I am often disappointed with those running for governor in my state of Tennessee. I have spent a good amount with both Zach Wamp and Ron Ramsey over the years, and both are decent guys with whom to have a conversation. Ron is really personable and has been know to say some quite conservative things to people when not overtly politicin'. However, his voting record is a mixed bag, like all the "conservatives" in the TN legislature. Despite his flaws, he is quite conservative and appears to be a strong supporter of states' rights.

He has done some good things lately, like writing to assert state sovereignty. I just received the following short message in regard to his recent participation in a healthcare forum and was pleasantly surprised.

Last week, I was pleased to take part in a special forum on healthcare hosted by Steve Gill. It was a privilege to share my thoughts and concerns about the current reform efforts.

As our nation faces record deficits, Washington continues to print money as fast as they can. Now, with issues like healthcare, they're trying to pass the costs on to the states. We shouldn't be forced to pay for irresponsible legislation in Congress that will not produce the actual reforms we need. (My emphasis)

I find it so interesting to see Lt. Gov. Ramsey go out of his way to address our monetary woes. Could we have a hard currency man on our hands? Another FED fighter?

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